I bought my first jar

I bought my first jar of iLava Touch because I have autoimmune problems, including a condition (lichen planus) that causes my skin to break out unpredictably, especially on my face; the sores get red and inflamed as well as being painful to the touch. They take weeks or months to heal. I also have rosacea, which makes my nose and cheeks red all the time.

I’m way too old to look like I still have zits, and I hoped the iLava might help soothe both problems, because it’s supposed to relieve inflammation–and it has made a noticeable difference in how red and blotchy my face looks. I apply it twice a day and it not only reduces the redness, it also helps the pain. It’s also an excellent skin cream that keeps my skin hydrated in this dry climate.

I have fibromyalgia too, plus back and knee problems caused by a ruptured disk. I have been using CBD tincture, which helps a lot, but I also apply the iLava Touch when particular spots like a joint or my lower back get extra painful. It really helps relieve my unpredictable aches.

I like its fresh herbal scent, and as an extra plus it comes in a jar that’s a work of art (and can be refilled over and over).