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iLAVA FEEL is a purpose-formulated roll-on topical that combines 100mg of THC and 50mg of CBD oil with our evidence-based essential oil blend. Our research and development efforts were directed at creating a fast acting product that incorporates all natural ingredients with proven therapeutic benefits.

FEEL is perfectly portable, and great for on-the-go relief when you need it!


These essential oils are some of the most efficacious ingredients found in traditional therapies.

Originating in the picturesque landscapes of Corsica, Corsican Helichrysum has long been used in Mediterranean communities to help support the body’s natural healing processes. Its aromatic profile can provide a soothing ambience. Historically, it has been applied to promote smooth and youthful skin.

Mango Ginger is lesser known, but highly recognizable due to its sweet and invigorating mango aroma. Originating in India, Mango Ginger has been valued traditionally for its invigorating properties. In our formulation, we included Mango Ginger as a vibrant complement to the relaxing elements of iLAVA Touch.

Blue Tansy is recognized by its vibrant blue hue and sweet, enveloping aroma. Sought after for its reputed skin-soothing benefits, Blue Tansy is a favorite for relaxation practices. Its calming scent makes it a harmonious ingredient in iLAVA Touch.

Native to Australia, Blue Cypress is revered for its captivating earthy scent. Indigenous communities have used it for its reputed calming and comforting properties. In iLAVA Touch, Blue Cypress serves as a foundation for emotional balance.

Frankincense, the esteemed resin, has been cherished for thousands of years. Its rich, woodsy aroma has long been associated with a multitude of wellness benefits. Many people seek peace and comfort through the application of Frankincense oil, particularly through topical use.

Drawn from the radiant marigold flowers, Calendula is a botanical gem with a history rich in skincare folklore. Known for its nurturing properties, Calendula oil’s golden essence offers both a gentle touch and a comforting embrace. Within iLAVA Touch, it shines as a beacon of skin serenity.

Rosemary, beyond its culinary fame, stands tall in the world of therapeutic botanicals. The antioxidant-rich variant captures the herb’s essence, offering protection against environmental factors. Rosemary Antioxidant plays a protective and invigorating role in iLAVA Touch.

Characterized by its deep blue hue and tranquil aroma, German Chamomile is the epitome of calm. With a lineage tracing back to ancient herbal traditions, it’s celebrated for its soothing properties. In iLAVA Touch, German Chamomile infuses a touch of serenity into every application.

Hailing from Europe’s mountainous regions, Arnica is often called nature’s answer to discomfort. Renowned for its potential restorative qualities, it has been a trusted companion for those seeking relief. Within iLAVA Touch, Arnica lends its potency, harmonizing with other elements to amplify relief.

Lavender, with its iconic purple blossoms and calming fragrance, is a global emblem of relaxation. Esteemed both for its aromatic and therapeutic virtues, it has graced countless wellness rituals. As part of iLAVA Touch, Lavender weaves a tapestry of tranquility and balance.

Peppermint awakens the senses with its cool, invigorating essence. Beyond its refreshing nature, it carries a legacy of promoting clarity and vitality. In the iLAVA Touch blend, Peppermint introduces a refreshing breeze, complementing the deeper, grounding notes of other botanicals.

FEEL CONTAINS 2:1 cannabis oil:


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