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iLAVA develops oil based cannabis topical solutions known for their consistency and effectiveness in providing relief.

iLAVA produces two award winning oil based cannabis topical solutions; iLAVA TOUCH and iLAVA FEEL. Each contains 11 essential oils including blue tansy and Corsican helichrysum, and additionally contains THC and CBD oil produced in house.

iLAVA TOUCH is a purpose-formulated topical gel that combines 550 milligrams of THC and CBD oil with our evidence-based essential oil blend.

iLAVA FEEL is a convenient, roll-on topical applicator featuring the same 11 powerful essential oils used in iLAVA TOUCH, and a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

When used topically THC does absorb through the skin, however it does not typically travel deep enough to enter the blood stream. This is enough to present the healing properties of THC intended to help bring relief and reduce inflammation, you should not feel high while using these products.

Deliciously vegan fruit gummy edibles available in a wide variety of flavors and options. 

Our edibles are completely vegan and crated from a pectin base to ensure that these gummies melt in your mouth, not in your car. Featuring 12+ delicious fruit flavors, and now introducing our new RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) gummies in three tasty options!

Our edibles are produced in Arizona and include a light desert theming in our packaging/flavors. We produced these to create an edible that would hold up through the changing weather conditions we face throughout the year here. If you’re faced with high temperatures, zenzona is more likely to maintain its form and consistency where other edibles might melt together in your bag!

These uplifting pocket sized pre-rolls are perfect for those ready to rise to the occasion, and are sure to be a conversation starter.

Three grams of cannabis, six premium pre rolls, one half gram each. Roaring20s uses unbleached RAW cones and only our finest top shelf cannabis testing above 20% THC. Perfect for parties and social gatherings, stand out from the crowd with these bold and potent pre-rolls.

1920s. New Orleans. A movement emerges from the smoke-filled clubs of the red-light district. This revolution of Jazz and cannabis sets the tone for a decade of exuberance and uncertainty.

One hundred years later, a new cannabis revolution is unfolding. The plant continues to inspire creativity and foster community, but the fight goes on for mainstream acceptance. Roaring 20s Premium Pre-rolls keep the spirit of the 1920s ablaze, with top shelf cannabis fit for the modern smoker.

1.2 grams of flower + sauce. Your new infused favorite!

High Scorez Sauce Infused Prerolls are made from top shelf house grown flower powered by iLAVA infused sauce to ensure a quality slow burning 1.2 gram preroll that’s always a safe bet! Currently available in Tucson, Arizona. Coming soon to the greater Arizona market!

iLAVA’s top shelf in-house cannabis is used to bring you a variety of quality extract options.

iLAVA produces two different concentrates; MAGMA and LUMEN.

We send our top shelf raw material through our sophisticated extraction process with long solvent purge times to offer a variety of quality extract options available in budder, sugar wax, and crumble.

What is the difference in quality between MAGMA and LUMEN?

MAGMA is run through our extraction and purge process once, and retains more of the flavor profile and scent of the cannabis strain used.

LUMEN runs through a longer extraction and purge process than our MAGMA concentrates, and in turn generally yields a more translucent product that retains THC content and is believed to be a cleaner high, with less flavor profile and scent.

ENTOURAGE products are purpose formulated and intended as an easy and reliable way to experience the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the synergistic action between cannabinoids and terpenes resulting in greater therapeutic effects than individual cannabinoids alone.

iLAVA ENTOURAGE formulations harness this effect by blending specific terpenes and isolated cannabinoids for consistent and reliable experiences.

ENTOURAGE is available in DAY, NIGHT, and TWILIGHT formulations to help you experience the entourage effect any time of day that you need it.

ENTOURAGE is currently available to enjoy as gummie edibles, vapes, and our line of Dablicator™ metered dose applicators.

iLAVA produces 500mg and 1000mg glass C-CELL cartridges in a variety of quality options.

iLAVA is currently developing three lines of cannabis vape cartridges; iLAVA Molecular Live Resin, iLAVA Cleargold Distillate, and iLAVA ATOMIC HTFSE Sauce. Visit our products page for more information.

Fall asleep faster and for longer, with indicaPM.

Indica PM edibles are designed for rest. Our high-quality ingredients are packed with minor cannabinoids and terpenes, creating a full-spectrum CBD and THC edible formulated to facilitate falling asleep faster, and for longer.

Our edibles start with only the finest Belgian chocolate, containing 54% total cocoa solids. We then incorporate our blended ratio of THC/CBD to create the perfect nighttime chocolate edible.

Delicious, gluten free, and keto friendly!

The Hi Keto concept was created with a healthy diet and lifestyle in mind. Our medicated chocolate chip cookies are artisanally crafted with high-quality ingredients combined with small-batch, clear cannabis distillate to bring you a delight you can feel good about. 

Not only are Hi Keto cookies vegan and ketogenic, but they are made from completely gluten free ingredients!

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